Diamond Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Steps of Buying an Engagement Ring

3 stone diamond ring

Buying an engagement ring is a very hard purchase in a man’s life. Since the ring you buy is the symbol of your commitment and your love for your loved one. In addition there are so many factors you should consider while buying the engagement ring such as her style, not being cheated and many more.

I had spent quiet a lot time to find the perfect diamond ring for my beloved. So I will share my knowledge how to optimize the purchase and buying a very good engagement ring that she would like.
I put this article in 3 main headers:

1- Deciding your Budget
2- Deciding on design
3- Deciding the diamond

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Step One: Deciding on your Budget

Once you have decided your engagement date, the next big decision is the engagement ring. It is an important decision as an engagement ring is something which is remembered all through the life of the bride as well as the groom.

This decision comes with a fair amount of pressure as not one but many complicated aspects need to be considered before finalising an engagement ring for you fiancé. Single solitaires rings are a never fading idea for the occasion.

Whatever be the cost of your diamond ring, it always symbolises the love and passion you have for your partner. But before you go out, searching for a perfect wedding ring you must have an idea of the amount you would like to spend on the ring.

Step Two: Deciding the Setting

With key points to help you set a budget for your ring, now let us consider what setting would you prefer your ring to have? Setting here refers to the pattern and design your ring would have in order to hold your diamond in its place.

The general trend followed is to select the type of setting your prefer for the ring and then select a diamond complimenting the same. Since numerous options are available for selecting one diamond from, selecting the setting first helps you shortlists certain pieces and then go ahead for selecting one from the shortlisted batch. The above seems a very logical sequence of steps but going the other way is also not wrong and has been tried to success by many.

Once you select a diamond, you get an idea of the budget you are left with for the diamond. In case after selecting the diamond you have some superfluous budget left, you can ahead and ask for some side stones to be added to the ring.

These are the small diamonds placed on the gold or platinum band of the ring just next to the central, bigger solitaire (extending equally on both sides). The side stones for sure enhance the look of the ring manifolds.

This is pre decided that the side stones are much smaller than the central piece, but you get an option to customize your ring by using plain white or coloured stones as per your will.

Main Setting Types

Prong and bezel are the two main setting types; you are given an option to select from. In prong the main idea is to set the diamond at a level little higher than the ring using very little metal ( 4 or 6 prongs).

Thus providing ample space for light to cross which makes the stone shine brilliantly. This is the most common type of setting option selected.

Following prong in popularity is bezel where the diamond is almost embedded into the ring. It makes the ring look very elegant and protects the diamond from scratches and loss. On the other hand Bezel setting is not letting the diamond to capture the light as much as the prong; therefore we do not suggest our customers’ bezel settings.

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