Diamond Grading Certificates

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In an ideal world, you would have an unlimited budget and an infinite source of diamonds to choose from. The choices you need to make would become very straightforward and everyone would probably be wearing a perfect “D Flawless” diamond ring on their fingers.

And if you are like most people, you are probably trying to buy a diamond for someone you love but have no idea where to start.

A Diamond Grading Report issued by an Independent Gemological Laboratory, tells you that the Diamond has been examined by experienced Diamond Graders, using various gemological instruments, and contains the characteristics as stated in the Certificate.

The reason it is important to have a Diamond evaluated by an independent Laboratory is that minute, invisible to the naked-eye, characteristics of a Diamond can have a major influence on the price. Therefore, if not for a great deal of scrutiny on the part of the buyer, it is easy to mistake and purchase a Diamond of lower value, believing it to be of higher value.

I strongly recommend that you do not buy any diamond without a Diamond Certificate. GIA is the foremost Laboratory in the world, though there are other reputable labs out there. However, not all labs are equal in their grading stringency, accuracy, and consistency.

If you found a Diamond you like, and it is not certified there is nothing wrong with asking your Jeweler to send it to a reputable independent Gemological Laboratory for certification. If your Jeweler has a problem with that, take a few steps back and ask yourself many more questions! This request is a standard practice in the Diamond Industry.

What’s in a Diamond Lab name?

The number one most important item to look for on a Diamond Certificate is the name of the laboratory! If you never heard of the Laboratory, don’t feel shy about giving them a call to check them out.

Also, if the laboratory is an independently owned franchise and the certificate you were given is not local, you may want to call up the lab, either the local one or the one that issued the certificate, and ask them by which standards they grade their Diamonds. Find out if they honour the grades given out by other branches.

GIA is the foremost grading laboratory in the world both for their excellence in diamond and gemstone grading as well as for their comprehensive research and educational programs to both the trade and consumers.